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Lexica KM is an AI-powered knowledge management platform for law firms that is designed to reduce cost by streamlining legal research and enhancing collaboration across teams.


Designed for legal teams to work together

Legacy processes can be inefficient and cumbersome. Email is often used to manage cases which it was never intended to do. Lexica KM is an AI powered workplace to assign cases, share work, generate legal advice, and manage your caseload that significantly reduces non-billable hours.

Assign cases and tasks

Manage tasks and cases for legal teams. Create a collaborative environment to increase team engagement and efficiency.

Keep everyone in sync

With a shared workplace, every stakeholder of a case gets instant visibility to updates in real time.

Share ideas and feedback

Work remotely without email cluttering. Increase collaboration across legal teams with comments and feedback.

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Make your firm’s internal knowledge your best legal research source.

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